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Trent Austin Custom 定制3CV-1 号嘴以及Curry 5TF 号嘴转让,都是好东西,懂得入!

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Trent Austin Custom 定制3CV-1 小号嘴以及Curry 5TF 小号嘴转让。

Trent Austin Custom 定制3CV-1 小号嘴:声音非常的温暖和集中,他的反应速度绝对非常的快,非常适合古典或者爵士小乐队的演奏,这个是我之前向trent austin定制的,花了一个月制作完成,号嘴非常的沉,我和bach 3C mega tone的分量比较了一下,重好多,绝对是值得尝试的号嘴。号嘴镀了一层薄银,本号嘴除了正常使用的磨损外没有任何磕碰。
请见原网页的描述“  It produces an extremely warm sound with efficiency you would never think possible.
Example... you pull a "3C"  down in the menu you will be getting  my 3C  rim  with the "v"shape.Since these are truly custom mouthpieces please allow 3-5 weeks for each piece.  If you want me to make a custom V piece based on your rim contact me to chat about this!“

链接:http://austincustombrass.mybigco ... et-mouthpieces.html
Curry 5TF 小号嘴:非常深的一款号嘴,用料也是十足。音色非常深非常暗,但在高音区的音色也能表现的非常明亮和丰满,非常适合慢板的音乐,音色会比普通号嘴厚好多,这个也是当初Curry这几这款号嘴的初衷,希望能够做到小号与富鲁格号音色的结合,但我本人这支号嘴一直闲置,所以打算转让,号嘴除了正常使用的磨损外没有任何磕碰。

见原网页描述:"TF Cup: Not a flugelhorn cup on a trumpet blank, but a brand-new design! It incorporates the depth of sound you get on a flugel piece without the excess cup volume that makes those style mouthpieces difficult to play. It  is in tune to high C and above, yet you can play softly and firmly in the low register. Perfect for soft orchestral passages, intimate jazz settings, or for just "working out". The cup is roughly 1/3 concave (trumpet-like) and 2/3 convex (flugel-like) with a special backbore and a .153"  (3.89mm) bore. To compensate for tuning, the mouthpiece is .400" shorter than the standard Curry length of 3.5" You can put this mpc. in the horn and leave your tuning slide in approximately the same position. This has also proved to be a favorite mellophone cup for many prominent Drum and Bugle Corps.



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Curry 5TF 还在不在
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